Return to industry

Friday, December 20, 2019

  • This approach is very useful in building long-term partnerships between the on and off the job trainers.
Return to industry is a program that provides teachers and instructors with current workplace experience and the program needs to be organised in partnership with industry. Teachers enter a workplace for a given period and undertake real work in a workplace; this exposes teachers and instructors to new work practices, processes and technology. One of the benefits of return to industry programs is that teachers and instructors can develop industry networks for future collaboration. 

Return to industry can be expensive due to the need to replace the teacher while they are undertaking the return to industry placement. The expense can be reduced if the placement occurs during student work placements or holiday periods or classes are small enough to combine for a short period of time. 
Return to industry programs can be arranged in different ways, for example, providing opportunities to engage with industry partners on a company project. Some of these projects might include some short-term training for workers in exchange for observing current work practices and receiving training on new equipment. 

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