How can companies become involved in Vocational Training to make sure it meets your company needs?

10:36' 19/12/2019

Meeting with the Head of your local VET institution is a good place to start, if your already have contact with a VET institution asking your contact person what other services or activities they provide is a good place to start. Many Vocational Training institutions have a dedicated Industry or Corporate Relationships Officer who will be happy to assist you.

There are many ways employers can assist in making training more relevant to their needs:

  • Providing input into the development of curriculum, so course content matches your workforce needs
  • Providing internships/ industrial placement for teachers or students to develop their understanding of workplace requirements further
  • Joining the Institute Management Committee to provide strategic advice on your sector’s skills development requirements
  • Offer to talk to students about what your company does, what the technical necessities are, and the issues that are impacting on your industry sector.

Engagement Strategy template example

TVET Institutional Name



State why you are developing this strategy and why it is important


Outline what you hope to achieve by engaging with industry

Key Stakeholders

List your key stakeholders at a micro and macro level

Key Activities

The key activities you will undertake to achieve your objectives

Benefits Of Engagement

List the benefits to you business, you clients and the industry more broadly for engaging

Measuring Our Success

Outline how you intend to measure and report on the success of your engagement


Describe how you will resource the engagement? Describe what can be leveraged by each party

Our Engagement Champions

List those people in the organisation that will drive the agenda and provide more information to staff as required

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