Benefits of all the stakeholders

9:47' 19/12/2019

Common benefits for all partners
  • Professional development of key workers – workplace supervisors in explaining what needs to be done and how teachers through learning about workplace practices and new technology and work processes
  • Better access to information and different networks 
  • Larger networks and exposure
  • Improved operational efficiency 
  • More relevant and effective products and services. For VET institutions, products and services are their training programmes and employment of graduates.
  • Greater innovation. For training institutions, innovation in services provision; the what, where, and how training programmes are delivered. For companies, skilled workers increase the likelihood of innovations in processes and technology
  • Enhanced credibility and reputation. 
  • Increased access to resources.

Benefits for VET students

  • Access to current and industry relevant skill development 
  • Opportunities for flexible learning – on the job, mentoring, work placement, etc 
  • Graduates with skills in demand meaning improved employability 

Benefits for VET Institutions: 

  • Staff currency – through access activities such as to ‘return to industry’ programs and networking 
  • Updating of courses and learning resources
  • Improved quality and benchmarking opportunities
  • Increased flexibility and responsiveness of training and services
  • Improved graduate outcomes 
  • Increased revenue – through commercial training 
  • Improved profile and positioning

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